This Saturday the BeFree project will be presented at theLinuxDay in Milan.

Pier Luigi Fiorini is also preparing the first ISO and is working on the kernel. He hopes to have the kernel kit completed before the end of the year.
Update at the BeClan site. They have just opened a new section, for registered developers. In their own words:
We've just added the link to the new login page that will allow anyone who has registered to enter a new area where there are various options to add and update information to the BeClan site. It's taking time to get it all up and running but already it's possible to add Open Source projects to the listing.
So if you're a developer, already registered, just follow the link. If you want to be part of the clan, don't forget to register.

We here at ICO are 100% behind the BeClan project and will support it in anyway we can, so be sure that we'll bring you the latest about it.
The German computer TV channel, Giga, will be having some special guests tonight: Bernd Korz and Torsten Linde will be showing off Zeta, The show is from 21:00 to 21:45 CET on cable and satellite and is live!!

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The Dutch news site has just wrote an introducing story on what BeOS and Zeta is. The article covers everything from the rise and fall of Be to the various opensource and closed-source projects out there.

The second half of the article covers a global overview of what Zeta is, and mentions that Zeta will be presented at the HCC computer fair this weekend. It is a good read if you can understand Dutch. The images, originally from our Zeta RC1 preview, have been used with permission.

Update: Here's another introduction, for the french readers out there, covering from the beginning of Be, Inc to our current days and yellowTab, done by our reader Jean Marc for the Louviaux site.
It's time for a new poll. The previous one has been going for quite some time, and there's need for a breath of fresh air, in a poll format of course. The winner for the current poll is "Greek" with "Sheep" in second place, surprisingly... or not.

For this new poll, inspiration came from OpenBeOS, where they "throw" the idea of a WalterCon, similar in concept to BeGeistert, to be held in the USA. So if you're in or around the USA, let's help the OBOS guys know what you all think. Vote away!
Just got an e-mail from OT maintainer (and very nice guy) Axel D?rfler. He made a very interesting change to the Add-ons part of Tracker. In his own (expert) words:
Tracker now no longer shows add-ons that cannot handle the currently selected file(s). Add-ons that support one of the file types directly are of primary order, while those that support generic files (or don't have any supported types information) are of secondary order. The two groups are, if present, separated with an extra line.
Now, he would like to have everyone's opinion on one thing. He wants to rename the Add-ons menu, and for that, he'd like everyone out there reading this to participate with suggestions. For that, I set up a new forum called (I was inspired)... OpenTracker. So head over and start talking!.
Famous, accurate and widely known for its serious reporting BeDoper has just published its latest article, and this one's a bombshell. It brings us new (and shocking) developments in the feud between The BeOSJournal and yellowTab.

From what they're saying, it's bound to escalate, which is a shame... seriously, you better go read it, for a better understanding of what's happening in the comunity.

God save us all... and our mothers.
Raymond Rodgers has updated the Themis homepage with some good news. The first rendering which consisted of rendering a table was successful. Here's what he said:
Although I can't say that Themis will render complete pages or is even really usable yet, I can state that thanks to Olivier Milla, it has at least begun the first steps towards rendering web content. The first render tests weren't anything dramatic, merely rendering a table, but it's a sign that this project is indeed heading in the right direction!
He takes the opportunity (and rightly so) to welcome anyone who wants to help with the development. You can never have too much (active) coders, and like he says, coding into the Renderer "doesn't need any skill except knowing BeOS C++".

I'd like to thank Olivier himself for the heads up on this one.
Oliver Tappe has developed the open source e-mail client Beam (BEware, Another Mailer). The e-mail client has finally reached v1.0, and has an impressive list of features:

* Multiple Mail-Accounts (POP and SMTP), with support for default-acounts and automatic selection of appropriate account when replying, etc...
* Fully MIME compliant (Beam passes the MIME-Torture-Test)
* Performance adequate for large mail-folders (10000 msgs), with optional mail-caching
* POP-authentication (POP3 or APOP)
* SMTP-authentication (SmtpAfterPop, PLAIN, LOGIN)
* Many configuration options, esp. for mail-construction
* Full header-control, you can directly edit mail-headers before sending a message
* Stability
* Filter capabilities (using SIEVE - as described in RFC-3028)
* Identities, separating the user-info (name, mail-address, signature) from the network-info (server-address, login & password)
* Passive support for people-files (you can use them, but not yet create them)

All-round good guy Dane Scott announced recently over at LeBuzz that a chatroom for TuneTracker customers (present and future) has been created, on a BeShare server, TycomSystems, more precisely at

So if you are a user or are just curious about that amazing radio platform software for BeOS/Zeta, drop by and have a chat, either using BeShare, or JavaShare.