has written an update on the progress of the Japanese translation of Zeta. Other than English, no language has progressed on as much as Japanese. Apart from the system processes (Deskbar, Tracker, and some preferences), an impressive list of applications are fully in Japanese: BeAIM. Beam, BeEAR, BeOClock, Deskbar, ffmpegGUI, Helios, Installer, JukeBox, Magnify, People, TimeZliner, ToDoIt and Vision., "IT News for professionals", has written about Zeta on their website. This article, unfortunately only available in German, appears to mainly focus on yellowTAB's patch for Zeta RC1.

The article states that the website will resume writing about Zeta's architecture and updates, as it previously did with BeOS during the time Be, Inc. still produced BeOS and about events in between, such as the Be takeover by PalmSouce, The Scarabeos 2001 Project (an attempt to get BeOS/BeIA source code available under a GPL license), BeOS NG (the name for Zeta some 2 years ago), BeOS 5 PE MaX, and yellowTAB selling systems pre-installed with Zeta RC1.
A while ago, a man named Michael Hanscom got fired by Microsoft. He admitted his mistake and found a new job at another print house, not at Apple.

Apple got in a few issues themselves with their recently released MacOS X 10.3 "Panther". It among others was said to make data completely disappear, which could have been fixed months ago by applying a simple patch. They have released 10.3.1, which deals with these issues, yesterday. A columnist wrote that if Microsoft would have made this mistake, the would get a lot more trouble than Apple got. Continue reading by clicking read more below.

DarkWyrm posted an update on his website mentioning he is still alive but has had some difficulties lately (check them out in the article poll (hit read more) and vote for the one which you think is worst), but at least he got the chance to be playing with Zeta RC1 and is quite positive about it. Check out his website now.

Pat on back for ZetaJournal to remind us about this. yellowTAB launched their Zeta bug tracker, based on Bugzilla. There's no need to be shy, yellowTAB would love to hear the problems occuring with you and will attempt to fix the problem.
It will be tempting not to fall back in some kind of nostalgia. Daniel S. Johnston, CEO and CFO of Be, Incorporated, has presented the quarterly figures of the second and third quarter of 2003, which is available here.

Another thing that might be nice to add is that the old website of Be, Inc.,, is still for sale. I believe the reasons for this are pretty obvious; they ask an amazingly high price for it. I understood that some time ago, potential buyers like companies with a name in any way related to Be have been contacted, but none obviously has decided to buy the domain.
Over the past few months, weeks even, the community has seen a great development in activity and solidarity. More people seem to be returning, too. One of them is H?kon "H-Kon" Haug, co-founder of the recently resurrected BeOS news site BeGroovy. involved with the first international but now closed BeOS user group i-Bug, and former Technical Service Consultant for Opera Software, seems have returned to the community. Here's what he wrote on our forum:
    There wasn't a need for me a few years back which is why I moved on to do other things.

    I wish I knew this sooner though as I would have gladly bought the domain and carried on where it left, but I am glad someone did.

    Another BeOS site is on its way which hopefully can get its last finishing touches before it goes live while I go full throttle back into the community to do again what I once did best.
I'm eagerly looking forward to see more from H-Kon again. Welcome back, H?kon!
Seriously, I've lost count of the times there has been a request for an AbiWord maintainer. People responded, but didn't stay very long. ZetaNews now writes that AbiWord is desperate for a team to pick up the BeOS port again.

If we want to keep this port alive, something really has to happen. Several months ago, the BeOS sources of AbiWord were close to being completely erased because of a lack of a maintainer. I'm afraid that the AbiWord's BeOS port can really become history this time if nobody sends an e-mail with "subscribe" in the message body to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and makes himself known on AbiWord's mailing list. Will someone please stand up again?
yellowTAB will release Patch 1 for Zeta today, ZetaNews announces. The patch, some call it Service Pack 1, is to fix several issues in Zeta RC1, as well as provide updates for various applications and processes, further described in IsComputerOn's review of an earlier edition of this patch (also available in French and Japanese). Since the review, several things have been added. The package is several megabytes larger than the reviewed one, because of among others an updated version of Beam and a real long list of added SVG icons.

In addition, Bernd Korz, yellowTAB's CVO, told ZetaJournal this morning that USB2 scanning now works flawlessly under Zeta. He did not say whether this functionality will already be available to the end-user through the patch.
With the exception of Australia, Oceania, Japan and nearby regions, everyone can witness a lunar eclipse. The colour can vary, because of dust and clouds in the Earth's atmosphere. BBC NEWS has a very interesting article on it. I just hope it won't be too cloudy out here; I for one would like to see it.