Yesterday I sat down for a chat with Max, whom you all don't know. Max is a 35-year old male robot, who lives over here.

The transcript of the interview I held with Max probably won't be as much fun as an interview you can hold with him yourself. He is very keen on talking to people, and from each conversation he learns, so that he eventually should be able to answer every question about TuneTracker, but aside from that is a very nice guy to have a social chat with too. Go visit him!
For just seconds, I have been able to ask Bernd Korz a few quick questions about yellowTAB releasing Zeta today, and things that will change for Bernd. Check read more for among others the first mention ever about another project yellowTAB is working on!

We would like to know of you what the word Zeta reminds you of. Cast your vote now! The survey can be found on the right hand side of this page, below "Visit Our Forums".

The previous poll probed for IsUserOnDrugs. More than one third of the voters were apparently flying so high that they returned the answer that went beyond all measures of logic; "Sheep". All other answers got about an equal number of votes.
That's right people, today's the day that yellowTAB releases RC1 (release candidate 1) of their long awaited Zeta. Those who pre-ordered will get their copy mailed out today along with a lovely T-shirt. Of course we'll keep you posted about the events.
There is a shout for more action. Only last week, LeBuzz wrote about SampleStudio desperately needing to be further developed to at least version 1.0 (you can still get in touch with Dane Scott if you want to help). And even today, Edge spoke up and mentioned he really needs some donations, or he unfortunately won't be able to do any more development for BeOS (see a few articles below). Now LeBuzz comes with yet another remarkable call for action: scheduler applications (click read more).

Pour le Fran?ais, il y a maintenant nouveau traductions de deux interviews! La premi?re traduction est mon interview avec Thomas Kurschel (pilote Radeon) et la deuxi?me est avec Rudolf Cornelissen (pilote GeForce).

Je suis tr?s content avec ces traductions. Je sais que traduitre ces interviews n'a ?t? pas facile. Vraiment merci beaucoup, BeOSfrance et particulier ? Cheezy.

My French is actually horrible, but thanks to two buddy who submitted several corrections it should now be okay. It mentions the 2 video driver interviews of a couple of days ago have been translated to French by BeOSfrance and I'm impressed by how well that has been done.
Technoids Magazine. It all started out as a magazine aimed on the German audience, followed by the idea to make an English edition.

But not many days ago, Matthias Breiter announced to discontinue the English edition for clear and frankly shocking reasons: no feedback whatsoever was given from the international audience, and this got him thinking he was doing it all for nothing. Prove him wrong today and save the English edition of Technoids. Make him clear you appreciate his effort by voting "Yesss!" in the poll which was started today at ZetaJournal.
Because of the generally encouraging replies to the previous posting, which specifically asked for comments on whether I should post an overview of highlights on Be(OS)-related auctions, here is the second list. In case you happen to see anything on auction sites other than eBay, please let me know in the comments. I've been looking around on other websites but no results there.

These updates will be weekly
Product Category Price $* Bids* Comments
Original Be shirt Clothing 5.99
Be vinyl transfer sticker Merch 4.50
BeOS Advanced Progr. Book 0,99
Easy money!
BeOS Bible Book 0,99
More easy money!
BeBox dual-133MHz Geek toys 1,026.00
SOLD to zebis

* - Price and number of bids can vary. The information as shown with it is based upon the current state when the table was created and is therefore only for indicatory purposes. No claims can be made upon this information.
Edge, a very nice bloke with an impressive list of BeBits submissions, has cried for help.

He sent a pressing letter to DeBUG, the German BeOS User Group, stating that without financial support from the community he will not be able to write, port and improve applications for the BeOS platform like he has done for so many years now. His biggest problem are hardware issues that restrain him from properly booting his computer to develop BeOS software.

On Edge's website is a link to Paypal where you can make donations. He is counting on our support, and without it we will have to bid farewell to yet another active and dedicated BeVeloper.
The SYSTEMS, one of the world's biggest computer fairs, is held annually in Munich. IsComputerOn reporter Frank Silye was invited by yellowTAB to help them on their stand.

During the SYSTEMS more then 4.000 people visited yellowTAB's stand, a 10,000 flyers about Zeta were handed out (running out of them an hour before the expo ended) and many copies of the RC 1 DeLuxe Edition were ordered.